Work of the house through the Internet.

the Instruction

Work in the Internet. Occupies 10 minutes in day, the traffic minimal. All over again small, but it is possible to increase the income. Earnings small, but also work not difficult. All do on steps and questions at you any Will not arise, necessarily read up to the end:

1. Be registered in system on a site: For this purpose in opened, on the right above, page press [Register]

2. Further fill forms:
a) Username - here write a name latin letters for an input to system (login).
b)Password - here write the password not less than 6 symbols.
c)Confirm password - repeat the password.
d)E-mail Address - here write your present e-mail the address. On it of anything will not come, except for notices from a site about amount of money.
e)Confirm E-mail Address - repeat e-mail.
f)PayPal e-mail address for payments - here again write the same address for reception of receipts.
g)Your country - choose the country of residing.
h)Referrer - here write guestbuxto (differently nothing will turn out)
i)Put a tick, that you agree with rules of a site and enter figures from a picture.
j)Press the button of registration.

3. Further press inscription Login

4. Now enter your login and the password which you 2 steps have registered back

5. Further section Surf Ads

6. In this section your references{links} which are at you for today, they are shown all Are allocated by grey color

7. Further click on any possible reference{link}

8. In the opened window from above At the left readout has gone, you for speed of loading of page can switch-off pictures. Simply wait while readout of 30 seconds will end.

9. As soon as there was inscription DONE and a tick can close page

10. If there was inscription Done and a dagger means to you this page Have not included, means you do something not correctly then simply pass back in section Surf ads also press this reference{link} anew.

11. As page to you have included, close a window and pass back in section surf ads, and Click on the following link.

12. Those links which you have visited, become crossed out, for check, come into section surf ads also update page (if it is necessary)

13. As soon as all links become crossed out, your task this day is ended, come on Next day and links will appear anew, only can in a lot if you will be To click every day. For that what to check up how many on your balance of money it is already earned, Come into section My stats, the First figures are small, but then will be much more!

14. The sum can make 5-7 dollars in day somewhere after 10 days of on end performance of all Links and it not a limit and not a deceit!!

15. Money it is possible to take out by means of plastic card Visa classic which can be received In any bank!!! But not earlier than you collect 10 $, and it is completely not difficult! For this purpose in section My stats click Cashout/Convert and on Email address. Mails the notice comes.

p.s. Sense of this occupation - visiting of sites with advertising through for which To this site under contracts money drip, and it in turn them gives a part to those who Clicks.

Good luck!